3 Types of Spool Baitcast You Need to Know

The specialty of Reel BC is on the throws it produces. Reel BC can throw lures / lures accurately, especially when it is done with some special casting techniques such as pitching and skipping. Generally, these baitcaster (BC) reels are created for those who want more control and accuracy on lure / lure casting.

Even so, did you know that there are several types of spools on this BC type reel?


Typically, this shallow spool is often associated with BFS which stands for Bait Finesse System. This system was introduced by Japan where anglers once faced the pressure of Bass fishing which became increasingly difficult to catch with traditional baits. With very light lures, the existing rods and spools lack precision on casting. As such, manufacturers are producing lighter spools to help make it easier to cast lures farther and more accurately. If you look at the design of this shallow spool, there are small holes that are intended to reduce the weight of the spool in order to maximize the rotational movement of the spool when the lure is thrown.

The use of a drag system for this shallow spool is low because the available strength of this spool is reduced due to the design (the resulting holes) on the spool itself.


A medium spool is the best spool for fishing use in Southeast Asian waters. Its design helps anglers store enough rope when fishing. Most BC fishing experts are of the opinion that the number of ropes required or recommended for the use of this medium spool is <85 meters or less than 85 meters long, 75 meters to 80 meters is the ideal number of ropes for this type of spool. This is because according to the study the average distance thrown a lure is as far as 55 meters for the average person.
What will happen if the spool is compacted with a large number of ropes up to 100 to 200 meters? A compact spool with a large number of ropes will have multiple levels / layers of ropes and this will cause the risk of ‘birdnest’ to be high. Also, the spool will be heavier and harder to make it work indirectly this will affect your casting process. Therefore, the recommended amount is adequate.


This deep spool or inner spool is usually available on large sized reel machines such as size 300, 400 (BC reels). If you are an angler who likes to fish with a large rope capacity such as 100 to 125 meters long, this deep spool is the best choice for your fishing. The design is more suitable for large rope storage.

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