7 Popular Stingray Species In Malaysia

THE EXPERIENCE of feeling the drag pull of a Stingray while fishing is definitely hard to forget. Which is not the case, with its wide physique and strong swimming technique makes this fish hard to beat. No wonder some anglers call it a “big license”.


Stingrays or its scientific name Gymura /Dasyatis is a family of fish found all over the world. The base of the stingray’s tail has about 8-inch spurs covered with the same material that makes up the shark scales, known as dermis denticles (dermal denticles). At this end, which becomes hard and tense when the stingray feels threatened, it is shaped like a serrated meat knife and has a can that threatens predators.

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The diagram above shows a stingray that feels threatened and then releases its sting to protect itself

Here are some of the popular Stingray species in our country:-


Cape stingrays have longer horns than shoal stingrays and they are also thinner than shoal stingrays which have a thicker flesh. The habitat of this cape stingray is usually on the slopes of the market and also muddy areas.

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Leaf stingrays have a thicker flesh and the base of the tail is also larger than other stingrays. On the tail there is also a small black screen. This type of stingray is also said to be very dangerous because it is quite aggressive.

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This is one of the most challenging stingrays to land. This pari rimau got its name because of the pattern on its body which is patched like a tiger. Habitat for this species is usually in rocky coastal areas.

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The oil stingray species is indeed popular in the deep sea fishing arena. This is because of its large size and the solid cuisine of this type of fish is indeed a craze for this sport. Oil stingrays are also easy to identify because their bodies are black and have white spots around their bodies.


This Coral Stingray can be identified by looking at the blue spots on its body. This species is also quite shy and very difficult to eat bait. So if it eats bait, you are definitely one of the lucky ones in the area.


This type of stingray is quite different in shape from other stingrays where it is oval in shape and the tail is shorter. These rice are also so rare to eat bait. However, it is still shrimp, squid and fish as among his diet of choice.


Shoal stingrays have become one of the most popular stingrays in Malaysia. According to local fishermen, this shoal stingray gets its name because it often makes sand dunes as a location to rest and hunt its prey.
Usually this type of stingray will bury itself in the sand dunes when there is a threat.

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