7 Types Of Candat Sotong Popular In Malaysia

Usually the squid candat season will arrive from April to the end of July. Candat or squid jig is a tool specially designed to attract squid to grab it. Various types of pegs have been on the market and these are among the 7 types of pegs that are popular in our country.


Some even call it the apollo paddle because it is used with the apollo leader method or rig paternoster bonding. It is a `killer ‘candat nowadays as its use is said to be very effective compared to other candat.


Candat Twist usually serves as a weight. It is made of tin (some even modify the ladung stone), and its body is wrapped with cloth or embroidery that is brightly shiny or capable of reflecting light. It is also equipped with a peg hook that serves as a squid hanger.


Candat corpse refers more to a shape similar to the shape of a shrouded corpse. It is usually made of plastic or rubber that is able to absorb and reflect light. Her body is wrapped in a thin shiny fabric of various colors. It also comes with one or two hook combs.


Candat bait is more of a tool made of iron or hard wire the size of a skewer about an inch and combed with a hook underneath. These candat need to be poked with fish as bait to attract squid.


Shrimp jigs or squid jigs are actually prawn -shaped artificial lures equipped with combed hooks, which are commonly used to jigsaw squid.


Candat ikan or also known as candat buntal is more of a candat that is designed like a fish. It has lightweight features and no weights. His body is a bit fat and chubby.


This candat is the latest innovation in the creation of a candat to lure squid. The concept presented by the peg is more direct in nature by using light to trap squid. LED lights that are lit inside the peg with battery power are the main weapon of this peg.

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