Bersia, Perak

For this trip, 5 of us traveled early in the morning in two 4WD cars loaded with fishing equipment, two boats, groceries, tents and more. We plan to camp in the campsite area while fishing in the best depths around the campsite area. Arriving at the jetty we unloaded the boat and unloaded the equipment brought into the two boats that were already in the water. According to the plan, we will camp at one of the places available in Tasik Bersia, Gerik for 2 days and one night. We moved on to the destination after all the goods had been loaded into the boat. Almost an hour’s drive we arrived at the campsite.


Lake Bersia is a small main river network lake, which was built from the submerged Perak River as a result of the construction of the Bersia Hydroelectric Dam.



Opening Strike

Our eyes darted for glimpses of fish on the surface along the way. We had a chance to try our luck at several locations along the way to the campsite. We managed to get a catch of Sebarau but the size obtained was quite small. Once at the campsite we unloaded our belongings and set up tents.

We moved to the first depth and experimented with various types of lures such as surface lures, shallow dive to deep dive lures but still could not afford to get a strike from this fish called the lake wolf. After a few hours of fishing and a few depths of trying, we decided to fish in more potential areas.

HAMPALA MACROLEPIDOTA or also known as Sebarau is a type of freshwater fish found in Malaysia.

The beauty of nature

The fishing location surrounded by natural greenery promises a very pleasant atmosphere to anyone who comes here. In addition, the state of flora and fauna that is maintained like this is able to give strength to the ecosystem to survive from time to time for the sake of future generations.

Apart from the basic knowledge of a fishing location and the type of target fish, the basic knowledge of equipment is also an obligation for every angler in order to avoid the bait.

Trip times we used a light fishing set for casting/ polishing fishing techniques, and jigging. Therefore, the light set equipment for these two techniques has already been made with the preparation of the best lures produced by Bakau and Strike Pro in order to attract the main target fish this time, which is Sebarau.

Here is the main cause of the greed of the inhabitants of Lake Bersia, it is obvious that the deck swings while in the water. Among the deadly lures from Strike Pro, Mangrove and Blue Eye are the reasons why we don’t fall into the world of squirrels!

STRIKE PRO Tornado Vibe EG – 204AUV

BAKAU Titanium Vibe TV – 100

Selection of Appropriate Reels

The combination of rod and reel of the same output, namely the Ajiking RJ reel with the Ajiking Gravity rod

Rod output St. The Croix Mojo Bass is matched with a BANAX reel, the Apollo Titan Limited 111HRL

Combination of St.Croix Legend X rod with Banax Elan CS reel

The Greedy Attraction

Suddenly the lure was thrown greedily and sped into the reba to escape. But with the experience that Jeff has, he treats the dish calmly and patiently. Soon after, the fish starts to get tired and this is the right time to start karauan. Carriage after carriage was made until it could land. It turned out that the greedy one who stared at the lure was the Haruan who was a bit rough in size. Possibly the lure this time attracted the fish to snatch. Shortly after that another friend also got arrested before we decided to go back to the campsite as the day was getting darker.

As expected, the fishing location in Bersia is also inhabited by other species such as Haruan

TARGET ACHIEVED: Sebarau species which is the main target for this trip was successfully raised with the use of lures from Strike Pro

BAUNG / DURI: is a species of fish that has stings are also present in this location.

DIFFERENT SIZES: Of the same type but different sizes between the Sebarau that were successfully landed.

Strike In The Last Day

The last day at Bersia lake, we packed up our camping gear and headed home. On the way back, he stopped at some depths and some Sebarau were defeated. Good weather factors and frenzy fish conditions make this trip a success with satisfactory catches. This situation makes us feel sad to leave such a good spot. We will definitely be back here to continue to guess the occupants who are around here.





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