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Finesse Bait System

Basically, the bait finesse system (BFS) is a casting fishing technique with the use of a light fishing set. This system was introduced by Japan where anglers once faced the pressure of Bass fishing which became increasingly difficult to catch with traditional baits. With very light lures, the existing rods and spools lack precision on [ Read More ]

Get to know the Grouper Species

Just mention grouper fish, generally many people already know. The waters of our country Malaysia are indeed grouper depths. From the mouth of the river to the beach to the sea in the grouper fish are easy to find. Below are some pictures of grouper fish that come from various species. Grouper is a fish [ Read More ]

Tilapia Fish Species

TILAPIA is one of the “favorite” terrestrial species that is often targeted for those who fish in mining areas, rivers and lakes. In Malaysia, there are 2 types of Tilapia fish that are known, namely Red Tilapia fish and Black Tilapia fish. However there are nearly a hundred species of CICHLID fish from the biological [ Read More ]

What is a Baitrunner Spinning Reel?

Bait Runner Spinning Machine What is a Baitrunner Spinning Reel? Generally, this model reel is used specifically for the use of live bait fishing or cut bait because it gives space to the fish (predator) to pick up and escape the bait before it is swallowed. This concept is often used to hunt fish species [ Read More ]

The Importance of Safety Jackets

Safety jacket or life jacket is one of the must -have equipment when undertaking water activities such as fishing. Usually these safety jackets are available in places where there is a potential for disasters or accidents involving water. Generally, there are various types of safety jackets on the market, but these safety jackets are divided [ Read More ]