Dive into the Aquascape World

AQUASCAPE is an art that creates a beautiful scene in the water through the glass of an aquarium. In other words, the art that forms a particular scene is vivid and complex.

Maybe before we only saw the function of the aquarium was only to display a few beautiful fish species only, but with this aquascape concept focuses on a balanced ecosystem life between fish, aquatic plants, and other animals such as shrimp in a more complex. Generally, each creation of this aquascape has a theme such as meadows, forests, mountains, and others.


Usually, the concept of this aquascape is made in a glass aquarium according to the tastes of the owners themselves. The beauty and splendor of the aquascape is dependent on the processing of natural values ​​that the owner tries to apply into the aquarium.

Among the basic materials that need to be available to create this aquascape are:-


1. Aquarium – various sizes and types (according to the level of creativity)

2. Soil elements – wood, sand, stone, green living plants

3. Others-Lamps (lighting),

Aquarium Filter (water filter)

4. Choice-Aquatic life such as small fish to revive the underwater world with the existence of life.

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Gambar contoh 2


Aesthetic value

Aquascape is not only for the beauty of the space, but it is able to make your home space more fresh and orderly with the values ​​of nature.

Mental Health

Studies have found that the human mind will be fresher when looking at green plants. Therefore, this underwater landscape is able to provide peace to the soul and mind and even freshness to the eyes. Indirectly, daily stress can be reduced by enjoying the scenery of this aquascape.

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