Get to know the Grouper Species

Just mention grouper fish, generally many people already know. The waters of our country Malaysia are indeed grouper depths. From the mouth of the river to the beach to the sea in the grouper fish are easy to find. Below are some pictures of grouper fish that come from various species. Grouper is a fish in the Serranidae family and is found in several other small family species.

Bluelined Grouper

Blue line grouper or Cephalopholis Formosa is no stranger to fish in our waters. Habitat in relatively thick coral areas. The size of the fish is quite normal and has a rather sticky filling unlike other groupers. The shape of the blue line grouper is like other grouper, only the color is a bit dark and the fine blue stripes extend from the front to the back of the tail. The blue line grouper is easy to recognize because of its pattern which is quite different from other groupers. With a little touch of interesting color, this grouper is suitable as a pet fish or aquarium fish.

Epinephelus Erythurus

These cloud spot groupers are also known as combat groupers. Maybe the pattern that looks like a soldier’s shirt is called kombat grouper. The pattern on this kombat grouper is really beautiful and suitable to be used as an aquarium fish since the size of this grouper is not as big as other grouper. Combat grouper fish is not difficult to recognize because of its distinctive pattern and different from other grouper patterns.

Orange spotted grouper

Orange spotted grouper is also known as orange spotted grouper. In addition, in some places orange spot groupers are also known as betel nut groupers. Yellow spotted grouper is known as orange spotted grouper in English. Yellow spotted grouper fish like stone grouper (red banded grouper), boron grouper fish (malabar grouper) and also dark tailed grouper (duskytail grouper).

Cephalophlis Boenak

Striped grouper or in English brown-barred grouper. Morning anglers prefer to call the Malays in particular grouper rivet. I’m sorry if this term offends someone. Striped groupers are easily found especially in coral areas or in structured areas such as built poles in the sea. The size of the striped groupers is relatively small compared to other groupers. Although this striped grouper is small but able to swallow a fish that can fit in a wide mouth.







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