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Since its first debut in the year 1992, TCE TACKLES Sdn Bhd has soon developed into Malaysia’s leading retailer of fishing tackles and outdoor adventure products. Having gained experience from the constant change in business boundaries and rapid development of technology, we finally grow into the nationwide wholesaler, exporter, retailer and even an importer for fishing tackles. 

Widest Range
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Tce Tackles has been built on three strategic pillars – Best price, Widest range and Best service. Our ambition is to provide our customers with the widest range of products from fishing tackles to outdoor adventure products in accordance with our lowest prices policy, backed with the best service. We have everything you need for your angling and outdoor adventure setup.

At Tce Tackles, we have an unwavering commitment to providing the very best in customer satisfaction. It has always been our company’s culture that customer service comes before anything else. We always go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that each customer receives the very best service we can possibly offer.

By living our values and operating sustainably, we will continue to “build the best” and earn the right to serve our customers tomorrow and into the future.


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Staff members


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Year Experience

For More than 20 years

We have been passionate about helping our customers catch fish, have fun and enjoy angling. As Malaysia’s home for fishing tackle supplies, we’re focused on delivering a wide range, low prices and great service for our customers. But we’re not just specialists in fishing tackles. Our extensive product range includes outdoor adventure products, aquarium accessories, fishing boats and even pet foods.

Our Outlets

With 140 stores Malaysia-wide, more than 10,000 products available in store and on our website and, we’re delivering great service to our customers, and making the experience easy and engaging, however they choose to shop.

Our Team

Our team members are the heart and soul of our business. Our team’s guiding principles are integrity, respect, teamwork, achievement and innovation. Our guiding principles are the keys to our culture and to achieving our vision.

Our Products

TCE Tackles stock around 10,000 products, including; plants, gardening equipment and supplies, indoor and outdoor lighting, flooring, heating and cooling, hand and power tools, paint, home storage, kitchens and appliances, garden furniture and play equipment, plumbing and electrical products, building supplies and timber. An expanded range is available through the Bunnings Special Orders service.

Our Brands

Our brands are the heart of TCE Tackles’ business and inspire us to deliver high-quality products to our customers and consumers. We’re proud to produce some of the most iconic brands and boast a diverse portfolio of fishing tackles.

At TCE Tackles, we pride ourselves on a portfolio of brands that cater to
a variety of preferences and priorities, meeting ever-evolving consumer tastes
and providing a range of products to meet expectations.


We’re proud to share
Our Achievement

TCE Tackles’s awards demonstrate our commitment to prodiving our customers with market-leading, quality products, services and experiences. 

We’re continuing to shine brightly

We shape our offering around your needs and expectations, not around awards criteria—but we do think that industry recognition shows we’re on the right track.

Tce Tackles
Professional Fishing Team

We have formed the Pro Fishing Team consisting of professional and experienced personnel. Having the congregated years of experience, our fishing team has contributed in the progress of our fishing tackles. They have enriched our fishing knowledge and brought with prominence through the organization of fishing trips and participation in fishing contests. By-the-by, their observations and comments on fishing tackles become an important guidance to product improvement.

“Man does not live by soap alone, and hygiene, is not much good unless you can take a healthy view of it or, better still, feel a healthy indifference to it.”

– Regina Hantelle

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