The Importance of Safety Jackets

Safety jacket or life jacket is one of the must -have equipment when undertaking water activities such as fishing. Usually these safety jackets are available in places where there is a potential for disasters or accidents involving water. Generally, there are various types of safety jackets on the market, but these safety jackets are divided into 2 types, namely from styrofoam material wrapped with fabric that is formed as an outer jacket and another is an inflatable life jacket that acts automatically when the trigger is pulled or the water detector works and impacts the CO2 gas to the entire buoyancy chamber.

This jacket is specially designed to help a person float himself on the surface of the water for a while. Studies have found that a medium -quality jacket is capable of floating a human weighing 80 kilograms for a period of 4 hours. During this period the victim had time to use what was around him to save himself such as attracting attention by blowing a whistle and being in an open area that was easier to see.

In addition, among the basic features that must be present on every safety jacket is that it must be brightly colored, have a whistle, light-reflective color and a good keypad for human float. This is because, this safety jacket is not worn for fashion but to ensure safety during disasters when on the surface of the water.

Here are the basic features that MUST have on a safety jacket:-

1. Stereofoam Buoyancy Jacket

Generally, this type of safety jacket is used as a safety device on ships, beaches, and other water activities. How to use it is simple just need to wear it on the body like wearing a shirt then tighten the fastening straps or keypad available on the jacket tightly and neatly.

2. Air Buoyancy Jacket

For this model is slightly different from the stereofoam buoy. This is because this jacket requires several steps to activate before it is safe to use. Even so, don’t worry because this type of safety jacket is usually already available with an auto-inflator system when the jacket falls into the water.

Therefore, as a person who is wise and sensitive to the situation around us must wear this safety jacket when in any waters. This is because this jacket is specifically designed not to look neat but to reduce the risk of drowning.






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