Tilapia Fish Species

TILAPIA is one of the “favorite” terrestrial species that is often targeted for those who fish in mining areas, rivers and lakes. In Malaysia, there are 2 types of Tilapia fish that are known, namely Red Tilapia fish and Black Tilapia fish. However there are nearly a hundred species of CICHLID fish from the biological tribe TILAPIINE CICHLID. Tilapia originated from African countries and was introduced to Indonesia before it began to officially migrate to our country since the 1940s as a source of protein and drive the economy of the fish farming industry.

Among the advantages of Red Tilapia fish is that it is able to grow quickly, reproduce quickly, easy to manage and less disease attacks.


Tilapia is a fast -breeding fish species. This fish is also included in the kind of fish that incubate their young. Once fertilization takes place between the male and female, the male will leave the female to mate again, and the female Tilapia will scoop the fertilized eggs into her mouth to incubate. During this incubation period, the female parent will not eat anything until the Tilapia offspring have hatched and can take care of themselves.

Black Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)


In Malaysia, Tilapia fish is one of the types of fish that are farmed and sold commercially, especially in freshwater fish pond fish farming areas. Tilapia is the third most important fish species farmed and eaten after carp and Solmon. These fish are easy to breed and reared in freshwater areas by eating plants in the water as well as modern and fast -growing formulation foods. This fish is an ‘omnivorous’ type and can live in pond conditions or dense areas where it is not easy to die even though the water temperature is quite hot in the afternoon in the tropics.



According to the Nutrition Value website, 100-grams of talapia contains 10 milligrams of calcium, which is almost as much as the calcium content in tuna. calcium is a very important mineral content to our bones and muscles. Aside from taking supplements or drinking milk, you can also get calcium by eating talapia fish.


Although most fish on the market do not have much iron content, but talapia fish is one species of fish that is able to provide iron nutrients to our body. Iron is essential in our red blood cells to transport oxidants throughout the body.

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