Types of Fishing Techniques

Teknik-teknik Memancing

Drifting (Menghanyut Umpan)

Teknik ini biasanya digunakan untuk memburu ikan yang berada di permukaan dan pertengahan air. Ia menggunakan ikan hidup sebagai umpannya. Selar, tamban, atau kembung biasanya dijadikan umpan untuk teknik ini.

Cara memancing menggunakan teknik ini adalah umpan hidup dibiarkan berenang menjauhi bot untuk menuju spot sambil menunggu ikan yang akan memangsanya.

Belon biasanya diikat pada tali utama ini agar ikan tidak berenang jauh ke bawah. Batu ladung kecil digunakan sekiranya arus deras bagi mengelakkan umpan terapung di permukaan air.

Casting (Mengilat)

This type of fishing uses artificial bait or lure to catch fish. Lure can be in the form of fish, insects or other sea animals. The trick is to throw a lure towards the target using a rod and reel.

The act of throwing and rolling the lure is the key to this technique, so some people practice this technique only with their bare hands or handline.

Lure is thrown and manipulated as many times as possible until it gets a strike. Hence, this technique is often categorized as sportfishing or sport fishing.


This fishing technique is generally used when the boat is running at a speed of 4-6 knots. The bait used by this technique is artificial bait for fishing for mackerel and wahoo and many others.

In addition to fish -shaped lures, other baits used are tow skirts shaped like squid heads with bright colors.

Usually the bait distance from the boat reaches 10 to 30 meters depending on the size of the tow lure. In addition, trolling rods are also usually an overhead type, ie the reel is positioned on the upper side of the rod.

Bottom fishing

This fishing technique is the most basic and common technique used by anglers.

To fish with this technique, only basic fishing gear is required, then the bait is installed and released into the sea and wait until there are fish to grab.

This fishing technique can use a rod with a spinning reel or overhead or hook. Fishing with this technique is also mandatory to use weights or weights that allow the bait to be at the bottom to hunt bottom fish.


Jigging is believed to be a fishing technique that has been around for thousands of years. Where at that moment fishermen try to fish using bait made of tin or other metal which is then thrown into the water and then pulled swiftly upwards.

Usually this kind of fishing technique is used for fishing in coral reef areas with a depth of 50-100 meters.

When fishing using this technique, the jig is not swung directly to the targeted spot, but is thrown and allowed to glide to the bottom of the sea as quickly as possible and then rolls the reel quickly while jerking.

It is done so that the bait moves like a fish heading upwards until the target fish wants to grab it.

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