What is a Baitrunner Spinning Reel?

Bait Runner Spinning Machine

What is a Baitrunner Spinning Reel?

Generally, this model reel is used specifically for the use of live bait fishing or cut bait because it gives space to the fish (predator) to pick up and escape the bait before it is swallowed. This concept is often used to hunt fish species such as mackerel and sailfish that often escape the bait before being swallowed. Therefore, this type of reels is equipped with 2 drag systems, namely main spool drag and baitrunner drag.

The Baitrunner type machine is specially designed with two types of drag system, namely the main drag and the second drag as shown in the picture below

This baitrunner type reel has a button known as a “teaser lever” to connect with the second drag system. When this secondary drag is done, the spin of the reel will be more free which is also known as “controlled free spool”, this means that the drag is light enough to allow a fish to take the bait and run with it without feeling the drag.

This second drag can be adjusted with a drag knob at the bottom of the reel that offers only a small amount of pull or tension. Additionally, this second drag is designed to allow the spool to rotate without spinning the reel for the bait to be pulled freely by the predator.

Once the fish takes the bait and starts swimming with it, the spool will let the rope come out of the reel very easily and at this point there is only 1 or 2 pounds of pull on the spool.

Then, simply cycle the rope to end this secondary drag system until the main drag takes over for the strike.

The advantage of using this Baitrunner type machine is that it allows you to fish live bait without having to adjust the main drag.

Typically, this Baitrunner reel can be used by any fishing line regardless of whether it is freshwater or saltwater because there is no limit to its use and this also depends on the target fish species.

In the world of saltwater fishing, Baitrunner machines are very helpful when surf casting or inshore fishing from land for bottom feeding fish species, as well as fishing from above the boat for reef fish species such as snapper or grouper fish.

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