About The Academy Program

Learn how to fish! From zero to hero!

The Fishing Academy is to offer a learn and experience to fish program.  The objective is to give students or beginner to learn the fundamentals of fishing, safety, ethical angling & environmental. The academy will take place in physical form at various locations. It will take 1 day usually to complete the course.

At the beginning of seminar, there will be a lecture where you will learn all the details you need to know in order to go fishing. You will learn how to choose locations potentially good for fishing based on maps and terrain configuration, you will learn how to assemble equipment, which baits and lures are best for each type of fish, what additional equipment you need, when they are best fishing times and much more.

We will also answer all your questions without any secrets. The next seminar are dedicated to practical fishing, where you will be able to see and test all the theory in practice, of course in the presence of lecturers. In the last part of the day, we will sit down again and discuss everything we have experienced and learned during the day, eliminate any mistakes and consolidate knowledge during the debate

Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes such long pants, long sleeve t-shirts, and  shoes.  All fishing equipment will be provided by TCE Tackles Sdn. Bhd.



– Involve more young angler or beginners in fishing sports activities.


– Provide exposure related to fishing sports activities such as fishing basics, fishing safety, fishing ethics and  environmental care.


Our objective:

To give students or beginner to learn the fundamentals of fishing, safety, ethical angling,  environmental care and ecosystems for the benefit of present and future generations.


Gain From Fishing Academy program.

  1. The Great Experience
    The feeling of catching your first fish is something you will never forget. There is this innate sense of accomplishment and connection with nature. From feeling that first bite, to playing the fish all the way to landing it. It’s an indelible experience that you can like to share with the world.
  2. The Benefits
    The Fishing Academy Program is perfect for kids, families, students and beginners is available to anyone who want to learn how to fish. Once you’ve graduated, you will receive a lifetime of benefits including future discounts on TCE Tackles Shop.



Course Chapters

  1. Fishing Gear
    – Function of the gear
    – Types of Reels
    – Types of Rods
    – Types of Lines
    – Types of Hooks
    – Types of Tackles box/case
    – Types of accessories
  2. The Basics Setup
    – How to choose correct gear
    – Types of fishing gear setup
    – How to tie a knot
    – How to tie a hooks
  3. Safety
    – Life Jacket
    – Fishing Attires
    – First Aids
    – Safety before, during & after
  4. Fish Habitat
    – Types of fish
    – Characteristics of fish
    – Nature of fish
    – Location
  5. The Ethical
    – Environmental care
    – How to release a fish
    – Do’s and Don’ts


Contact us

019-590 1628 – Mr. Johnny



Fishing Academy Location:

Karangan,  Kedah.