Formulated by latest Peeos Aquatic Nano Technologies with 40ppm NanoSilver is an evolution anti-microbial agent that enhances immune effectively, suitable for all fish and water plant species. Nanoparticle in are self-activate once apply in water, these ion work very effective in killing pathogens bacteria, yeast, virus & fungus that spreading illness.

Multiple Advantages:
• Speed up wound recovery process
• Sterilizing pellet and live food (daphnia, worms, BBS etc)
• Ensure water quality always clean from disease
• Protect fish egg & baby, increase fish survivor rate and age
• Natural Anti-biotic that enhance fish emune system
• Latest aquatic NanoTechnology 20x more effective
• BroadSpectrum anti-microbial, kill wide ranges dangerous pathogens

Applicaton Dosage:* Do anti-chlorine before introduce fish
• 1 drop each 2 litre after change/top-up water
• 1 drop each 2 litre for egg & baby fish when breeding
• 10 drops each 2 litre for rinsing pellet & live food for 30minute
• 2 drops each 2 litre when infection is spreading treatment included dropsy, fin rot, columnaris, fungus attack, fin problems, red blood spot, continue massive death, septicaemia, lose appetite, wound inflammation, • inactive, do disinfecting, promote cell regrown etc.

Each environment has different microbes species & variation in growing rate, you may need try out different dosage. In case overdose, simply dilute by changing water. Keep in room temperature,; avoid use together with NaCL, S8, H2O2. **Avoid direct sunlight and cool**

AG, H2O (Auqatic Used)