BOSSIL Power Glue (BS-8502C) (20gm)

Physical Data-
Main Component: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Viscosity (S2, 30rpm): 2 – 3 cps
Flash Point: >82℃
Shelf Life: 6 months @ 20℃
Specific Gravity, 25°C: 1.05
Service Temperature Range: -55 ~ 82℃

Cure Performance-
Gap Filling: 0.04mm
Full Cure Time: 24 hours
Tensile Strength
Steel to Steel (ASTM D-2095): 25 ~ 30N/mm²
Lap Shear Strength
Steel to Steel (ASTM D-1002): 15 ~ 26N/mm²

Product Description:
BS-8502 / BS-8502C Power Glue is a low viscosity; ultra fast setting ethyl based cyanoacrylate Adhesive which bond almost immediately upon contact. BS-8502/BS8502C is specially formulated for difficult bond substrate like bonding of acidic woods.

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