BOSSIL Super Glue (3gm/pkt)

Lap Shear Strength-
Steel to Steel: 7N/mm²
Rubber to Rubber: 10N/mm²
EPDM to EPDM: 5N/mm²

Physical Data-
Resin: Modified Ethyl
Colour: Colourless
Cure Speed without Activator: 15 – 30 Seconds
Viscosity: 80 -120 cps
Flash Point: > 85℃
Shelf Life: 12months @ 30℃
Specific Gravity: 1.05
Max. Operating Temperature: +80℃

Cure Performance-
Cure Time: 15 seconds

Product Description:
A newly formulated instant adhesive that bonds more surface and is faster, stronger and longer lasting than the ordinary Super Glue. It works well on both porous and non-porous materials.

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