Formulated with latest aquatic 8nm nano technologies to 100ppm CU is a none toxic anti-microbial agent that boost immune to enhancing speed of wound healing. It is very effective to kills pathogens bacteria, yeast virus & fungus. CU Nanoparticle ion are self-activated after apply in water, these ion inhibit several functions in germs cell, damaging & stopped their growth. Suitable to use for all kind of aquatic life included fish betta, water plant, guppy, shrimp, crab, crayfish, catfish, turtle, daphnia & plankton.

1. Kill wide range of microbes in water to prevent the spread of illness
2. Speed up wound recovery process & prevent inflammation
3. Natural anti-biotic for immune system

Very Effective:
Maintain immune system, protecting egg and fry, treatment infection problem included fin rot, columnaris & mouth fungus, fin clamp, red blood spot, septicaemia, lose appetite, dropsy, wound inflammation, inactive, live food disinfectant etc.

Suggested Direction:
1. One drop for each 1.5L water.
2. Treatment- Two drop for each 1.5L water
** Apply each time after water change & toipping water**

Caution & Reminder:
Add-in water must do anti-chlorine first before put in fish. Each environment will has different microbes species &their growing rate, so may try out your own direction. In case overdose, dilute by changing water to reduce does.

Store: Keep in room temperature, avoid sunlight and seal well.

Ingredient: CU, H2O