This product rich in nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, aquatic spores, aquatic yeast, PSB, biological enzymes, amino acid, unknown growth factors, other beneficial micro-organisms & active ingredients. One capsule contain 20 billion probiotic that help accelerate nitrifying process to effectively remove ammonia, nitrate & other harmful minerals. Reducing stress on newly introduced aquatic live, also help discompose fish waste and remove water fishy smell. Besides, it helps shortening nitrosystem growing cycle with higher feed rates from the first day of stocking, creating better water quality which improves health, growth & survival rates. Can use with fish inside aquarium and also empty tank.

1. New aquarium setup, 1 capsule each 100L
2. Maintain repeat 1 capsule each 150L every 10 days and so on.
** Open capsule cover than sprinkle powder into filters media.

Do not use together with fungicide, anti-bacteria & other medicine; temperature must above 18°C, supply enough air pump for oxygen. Adding within 2-3 days after applying PA Sil-life.

Best use together with beneficial bacteria house, PA Media, PA Magic Media, K1 Media, Bio Ring, Coral, Sponge, PA Sil-Life etc.