• Open spool bearings with TSI-301 oil. Increases freespool 2-1/2 times.
• MK80WIISEa and MK-130IISEa feature grease-packed spool bearings
• All non-spool bearings feature full grease pack for maximum longevity.
• Features Special Edition Gun Smoke and Black anodizing.
• SE reels feature a yellowfin tuna etched into the sideplate.
• Frames have been machined out for increased clearance between spool and cross bars.
• MK-10 feature MK-20 size handle knobs.
• MK-20/30 feature the MK-50 handle arm and knobs
• Lower speed 1.3:1 gear ratio featured in 20/30 sizes.
• Lower speed 1.0:1 gear ratio featured in 50 size.
• Type-II gunmetal anodized frame, side plates, spool, drag lever and handle.