Suitable fish food for baby fish that starts to swim after 3 days & more

1. Easy to use and store
2. High percentage of living fry
3. Easy to be activated

How to Use:
Method 1:
Put minimum 6 drops of “Cacuk in to 15L of betta fry container. It is recommended to mix with water before adding “Cacuk” if the water’s pH value is too low or Terminalia catappa leave is used or the container is below 15L, to avoid affecting the water’s pH value. Add water into the betta fry’s container once a week.

Method 2:
Use “Bottle Neck” technique if the quantity is huge and need a cleaner product.
1. SETUP: Prepare 5 slice of red apple, 250ml vinegara & 200ml water. Mix it in a tapered long neck glass bottle, make a hole on the lip and put wools in it. Pure 1 bottle of “Cacuk” as a starter and store it for 3 weeks.
2. HARVEST: Tie the wool with line, pull the wool below the bottle’s neck, pure the water slowly into the bottle. “Cacuk” will rise to the surface of water in 24 hours. Then, it can be used for betta fry by using an eyedropper.

Keep in room temperature and avoid direct heat & cool. All newly produced “Cacuk” can be stored for one month. Open the lid of “Cacuk” Once every day can longer the storage period until 3 – 6 months.

Ingredients: :
Turbatrix Acid(Vinegar Eals), 58% Vinegar, 41% Filtered Water, 3% Apple